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Written by Robert Silverstein
June 13, 2019 - 4:08pm EDT
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The 2019 release of Concentric is an excellent album by the New Mexico-based, alt-rock group known as Flagship Romance. The husband and wife duo of singer-songwriters Jordyn Jackson and Shawn Fisher make a gifted team of music makers that blend rock & roll rhythms with a tasty mix of country-rock and folk-tinged pop sounds. From full-blown pop-rock outings to more acoustic-based grooves with easy on the ears percussion keeping the beat, the wide-ranging style and sound of Concentric allows the listener to focus on the music and vocals as well as the top-notch production of Lee Miles Buchanan, who also adds in some fine electric guitar work, drums and other instruments. With its timeless, upbeat message, the pick to click here is track 3, called “California Mansion”. Guest artists on this new Flagship Romance album include electric guitarist Rod Castro and lap steel guitarist Chris Claridy, who gives Concentric a vintage country steel guitar twang. Oh, and extra points for the eye-popping album art and CD packaging.