Album Review of
Love & Inspiration

Written by Robert Silverstein
November 14, 2019 - 12:21am EST
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Released on Neil Young’s Vapor Records imprint, Love & Inspiration marks the debut album from long time Crazy Horse drummer Ralph Molina. Fans of Neil Young & Crazy Horse will recall the time when we first heard Ralph’s drumming on the 1969 classic Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. Having played with Neil on just about every Neil Young & Crazy Horse related album, Ralph’s album is very much steeped in Neil’s breezy, orchestrated country-rock style and he proves his worth as both composer and vocalist, leaving the drumming to Tom Lackner. Other musicians appearing include guitarists John Sklair, Bob Thiele and Mark Pont with other fine players, including keyboard legend Barry Goldberg, adding in some colorful sounds. As a vocalist Ralph sounds quite like Neil Young as well as sounding at times like the late great Dennis Wilson, co-founder and drummer of The Beach Boys, especially on the more orchestral sounding tracks. The CD booklet is filled with pictures of Ralph and all the players on hand. A case of better late than never, the 2019 CD release of Love & Inspiration shines a different light on the multitalented music of Crazy Horse legend Ralph Molina.