Album Review of
The Book of Strongman

Written by Robert Silverstein
October 12, 2020 - 2:48pm EDT
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Stepping away from his role as lead singer and songwriter of L.A. pop-rock legends The Jigsaw Seen, singer-songwriter Dennis Davison is making waves with his 2020 debut solo album called The Book Of Strongman. Released on the Pretty Plague label, the album is filled with all the power-pop meets rock magic that marked the best of the Jigsaw Seen records. Speaking about the Jigsaw Seen hiatus, Dennis told me, "We ended The Jigsaw Seen in 2018. I tend not to revisit much of the music that I’m familiar with. There’s so much new stuff that I think is amazing, like Aldous Harding. Most of the older stuff that I listen to are artists that I missed the first time around, like Faust or bands that I didn’t pay much attention to that I now love, such as Silver Apples." Sometimes referred to as one of the finest American rock bands of the 21st century, the Jigsaw Seen legacy is carried further onwards with this very strong solo album from Dennis Davison. Pop-prodigy status aside, it’s worth noting that Dennis not only wrote and sang lead vocals on the album but he plays every instrument on the recording as well. Mastering by Abbey Road studios sound engineer Sean Magee adds the icing on the cake to the sonic finesse on hand here. In the spirit of past masterpieces by The Jigsaw Seen, the CD pressing of The Book Of Strongman is superbly packaged with all the song lyrics. Jigsaw Seen fans and anyone with a keen interest in 21st century pop-rock should not miss Dennis Davison’s 2020 solo debut, The Book Of Strongman.