Markus James
California - United States

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Head for the Hills

Label: Firenze

Genres: Blues, Rock

Styles: Blues, Roots Rock

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Just Say Yes (feat. Kinney Kimbrough) Blues Blues
2 Goin' Down South (feat. Kinney Kimbrough) Blues Blues
3 Head for the Hills (Acoustic) [feat. Calvin Jackson] Blues Blues
4 Shake (feat. Calvin Jackson) Blues Blues
5 Suit of Golden Clothes (feat. R.L. Boyce) Blues Blues
6 For Blind Willie Blues Blues
7 Gone Like Tomorrow (feat. Marlon Green) Blues Blues
8 Fallin' from the Sky (feat. Calvin Jackson) Blues Blues
9 Nomo (feat. Marlon Green) Blues Blues
10 Head for the Hills (feat. Kinney Kimbrough) Blues Blues
11 On a Mississippi Porch (feat. Calvin Jackson) Blues Blues
12 Sleepyhead Blues Blues
13 Candyland Refugee (feat. Aubrey Bill Turner) Blues Blues
14 Diddley Bow and Buckets (feat. Calvin Jackson) Blues Blues
15 Woke Me (feat. Kinney Kimbrough) Blues Blues
16 Green Blues Blues

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Snakeskin Violin

Label: Firenze Records

Genres: Rock, Blues

Styles: Roots Rock, Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 I Won't Let It Roots Rock Rock
2 Lonely Mile Roots Rock Rock
3 Are You Ready (Mississippi Daze) Roots Rock Rock
4 Exile Tracks Roots Rock Rock
5 So Much Soul Roots Rock Rock
6 All That You Can't Keep Roots Rock Rock
7 Weather Vane Roots Rock Rock
8 O.M. Boogie Roots Rock Rock
9 Ambience Roots Rock Rock
10 Drivin by Roots Rock Rock
11 Sundown Pearl (Snakeskin Violin Pt 1) Roots Rock Rock
12 X-ray Soul (Hard to Find Pt 1) Roots Rock Rock
13 Heatin Up Now Roots Rock Rock
14 Mystified Roots Rock Rock
15 Soon Roots Rock Rock