Album Review of
Ordinary Soul

Written by Joe Ross
September 23, 2020 - 7:05pm EDT
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Stephen "Mojo" Mougin has been a performer on stage for most of his life. His “Ordinary Soul” album arrived in my mailbox shortly after I caught him picking guitar and singing with the Sam Bush Band at a “Best of” Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival on-line stream highlighting their 2016 appearance there. He also performs in a duo (Nedski and Mojo) with banjo master Ned Luberecki who plays a prominent role on this album as do other members of The Sam Bush Band. Mougin has also been busy with songwriting, teaching, coaching, starting his own Tennessee-based record label (Dark Shadow Recording). This album is an ideal platform for Mougin to demonstrate his eclectic tastes and varied skills in the music business. Most of the 12 tracks are Mougin originals, written in collaboration with other noteworthy songwriters. A song like “You Only Like Old Things” (written with Beth Wood) is given a rawboned treatment with just Mougin’s guitar and vocal to capture his sadness and melancholy as he sings “will I ever be part of your sepiatone world?” Other numbers like the passionate “Color Me Lonely” and the driving “Last Time For Everything” (written with Jon Weisberger) are tastefully rendered contemporary bluegrass. A classic country vibe is imparted to “A Place For A Fool” (written with the Gibson Brothers). Several other songs, arranged to include drummer Chris Brown, have a distinct newgrassy Americana sound. What’s also nice is that you can find the lyrics for all the songs on Mougin’s website. A first class and well-rounded musician, Mougin is a total package. With his “Ordinary Soul” album, he’ll surely gain an even larger fan base of those who appreciate his solid talent, enchanting repertoire and interpretive twists. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)