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Written by Robert Silverstein
April 18, 2020 - 4:04pm EDT
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It’s nice when an artist quickly evolves with a follow up soon after an album. Case in point is Better, the 2019 by Karney, led by singer and songwriter Anna Karney. The 5th Karney album, No Mercy showed promise and, although with only 5 tracks that clock in at 19 minutes, Better presents a new and exciting modern rock view. The originals, especially, the hook heavy “Trust”  is excellent, although each track here has something to offer the discerning pop-rock listener. A inclusion of the Led Zep classic “Ramble On” makes it a show stopping number. Guitarist James DePrato is once again on board here as is drummer Jeff Herrera along with other fine musicians. Hard to say who Anna Karney sings like. Comparisons to the band Heart may abound and there’s also a kindred spark of theatricality to Karney’s music, almost Bowie-esque and, of course, with Anna’s hard rock POV, Led Zeppelin is another signpost. Five tracks with an impressive pop-rock flow, Better is a nice step up for Karney.