Album Review of
Let It Melt

Written by Robert Silverstein
November 1, 2019 - 2:05pm EDT
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Based out of Leicester, England, Diesel Park West has released a number of fine rock albums since their 1990 debut and, with the 2019 CD release of Let It Melt they have released their finest album yet. There are plenty of influences such as Mott The Hoople style mid 1970s glam rock, Stones-like power blues and even guitar-crunching tracks that would appeal to ZZ Top fans. Three of the early members are still on board here, including John Butler (vocals), Rich Barton (guitars, vocals) and Geoff Beavan (bass) and on Let It Melt, they’re joined by Rob Morris (drums), who actually joined DPW fifteen years ago. A gifted singer in the spirit of Mick Jagger, John Butler kicks up quite a fuss and the tracks here are perfect vehicles that really hold your interest. Singer John Butler adds, “This album is simply made up of new songs that we like to play and more to the point, that we like to listen to.” The drive and swagger of Diesel Park West truly comes to a very impressive center on Let It Melt. Somewhere between Let It Bleed and Let It Be? You be the judge and in between enjoy the tuneful power rock in play on Let It Melt.