The Roots Music Report's
Top 50 Acoustic Blues Song Chart
for the Week of Feb 15, 2020

TW LW Song Title Band/Artist Name
*NEW*1-Juke Joint SwingRichard Ray Farrell
23Wake UpJoe Kopicki
31The LightJoe Kopicki
42Keep MovingJoe Kopicki
54Hollow Tree GapSteve Dawson
67Little HarpethSteve Dawson
79BugscuffleSteve Dawson
*NEW*8-Three Pints of GinRichard Ray Farrell
911Hale Road RevelationSteve Dawson
1017Lonesome AceSteve Dawson
1112Never Going to LoseSean Poluk
1213SometimesSean Poluk
1314Forever is a Long TimeSean Poluk
1416Sometimes You Act CrazyHudspeth & Taylor
1520Mr. Jellyroll BakerMick Kolassa
1624Recycle MeMick Kolassa
*NEW*17-Funny Feeling BluesRichard Ray Farrell
*NEW*18-ButtercupRichard Ray Farrell
1925Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean (feat. Piper Amos) [Live over Sunday Breakfast, Van Nuys, CA, 2016]The Reverend Shawn Amos
20-Need a Little Sugar in My BowlRory Block
2126It Might Get SweatyTerry Robb
2227Still on 101Terry Robb
*NEW*23-High Desert EverywhereTerry Robb
2428Heart Made of SteelTerry Robb
2529How a Free Man FeelsTerry Robb
26-Confessin' My DuesTerry Robb
27-Three Times the BluesTerry Robb
2830Butch Holler StompTerry Robb
2910Knock Knock Knockin'Eliza Neals
3031Little by LittleSean Poluk
3132Ragged BluesSean Poluk
3233Waterloo is the Last StopSean Poluk
3334Everybody LiesSean Poluk
3415Big Fat Hairy LieHudspeth & Taylor
-3535Candy ManHudspeth & Taylor
3639I Know It's Gonna to Rain AgainHudspeth & Taylor
376I'll Be Right BackHudspeth & Taylor
3840Low Down Dealer ManHudspeth & Taylor
3941Rock with Me BabyHudspeth & Taylor
4042Silly BillyHudspeth & Taylor
415Walking Down the Road...Hudspeth & Taylor
4244NiñaSean Poluk
43-Obstacles to NegotiateCary Morin
44-Back on the TrainCary Morin
45-When I RiseCary Morin
46-Dire WolfCary Morin
4718Dirt Road HomeBen Rice
48-Jug in the Water (Acoustic Version)Cary Morin

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