The Roots Music Report's
Top 50 Acoustic Blues Song Chart
for the Week of Feb 24, 2024

TW LW Song Title Band/Artist Name
-11Devil in the RoomTinsley Ellis
2-WindowpaneTinsley Ellis
32Death Letter BluesTinsley Ellis
-44Grown Ass ManTinsley Ellis
*NEW*5-Alcovy BreakdownTinsley Ellis
*NEW*6-Horseshoes and Hand GrenadesTinsley Ellis
78Killing the BluesCary Morin
810Big Nose George's Outlaw BluesCary Morin
93Walkin BluesCedar County Cobras
1025Good MedicineCary Morin
1132Montana SkyCary Morin
*NEW*12-Silver MountainTinsley Ellis
13-Tallahassee BluesTinsley Ellis
14-Hoochie MamaTinsley Ellis
*NEW*15-Easter SongTinsley Ellis
166UtahCedar County Cobras
179Blues Funky Like Dat (feat. Taj Mahal/Jontavious Willis)Eric Bibb
185Whiskey Before BreakfastCary Morin
1913Down in MississippiBobby Rush
2015Hard TimesBobby Rush
2116Let Me in Your HouseBobby Rush
2217Smokestack LightningBobby Rush
2318Lonesome Home BluesHudspeth & Taylor
2423Big Sky Sun Goes DownCary Morin
2526Where the Trails Cross the Big DivideCary Morin
2627Bullhead LodgeCary Morin
2728Waiting for a ChinookCary Morin
2829Wally and KeeomaCary Morin
29-Twelve Gates to the CitySteve Howell
30-Country RecordsCedar County Cobras
31-Long Time GoneCedar County Cobras
32-Poor BoyCedar County Cobras
*NEW*33-Waiting and MadCary Morin
*NEW*34-Old Timers PoemCary Morin
*NEW*35-Fire BoatCary Morin
3630Don't Boss MeGrant Dermody
3731Gotta Get Goodbye Somehow (Live)Chris Yakopcic
38-Ridin'Eric Bibb
39-That Will Never Happen No MoreCorey Harris

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