The Roots Music Report's
Top 50 Acoustic Blues Song Chart
for the Week of Jan 25, 2020

TW LW Song Title Band/Artist Name
18I Know It's Gonna to Rain AgainHudspeth & Taylor
-22The LightJoe Kopicki
31Wake UpJoe Kopicki
43Keep MovingJoe Kopicki
56Big Fat Hairy LieHudspeth & Taylor
69Sometimes You Act CrazyHudspeth & Taylor
736Walking Down the Road...Hudspeth & Taylor
811Hollow Tree GapSteve Dawson
910Little HarpethSteve Dawson
1014Blues 2.0Fruteland Jackson
117Daddy BabyHudspeth & Taylor
1213BugscuffleSteve Dawson
134When I RiseCary Morin
1417I'll Be Right BackHudspeth & Taylor
1519Hale Road RevelationSteve Dawson
1620Lonesome AceSteve Dawson
1733Folie a DeuxHudspeth & Taylor
1834Rock with Me BabyHudspeth & Taylor
1937When You Comin' HomeHudspeth & Taylor
2039Cradle to the GraveCary Morin
-2121Hold on (Live over Sunday Breakfast, Van Nuys, CA, 2016)The Reverend Shawn Amos
2224Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean (feat. Piper Amos) [Live over Sunday Breakfast, Van Nuys, CA, 2016]The Reverend Shawn Amos
2325Never Going to LoseSean Poluk
2426Little by LittleSean Poluk
2527SometimesSean Poluk
2628Ragged BluesSean Poluk
2715Forever is a Long TimeSean Poluk
2829Waterloo is the Last StopSean Poluk
2930Everybody LiesSean Poluk
3031Go So SoonBill Filipiak
3132Candy ManHudspeth & Taylor
3216FutureHudspeth & Taylor
3318Low Down Dealer ManHudspeth & Taylor
3435Silly BillyHudspeth & Taylor
3512NiñaSean Poluk
36-All Around the WorldTaj Mahal & Keb' Mo'
*NEW*37-Keep on Truckin MamaMick Kolassa

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