Details of
Blow Junkie
by Tomislav Goluban

Producer: Dragutin Smokrovic - Smokva

About the Album

When Goluban creates an album, you never see what's coming. Look back at his discography and his six studio albums  reveals delta and country blues, zydeco, rock'n'roll and world music. He's been recording his music from a raw delta duo sound to the full instrumental arrangement with 20 musicians playing one song.

With his 6th album "Blow Junkie" (2014), Tomislav is back to his roots. Good old blues-rock, stripped to three instruments (guitar, bass and drums) to make the point that even this raw and simple sound can be easily enjoyed. On the album harp plays the leading role and the old blues mantra "less is more" is well established here. A link, but also a constant value in his carreer is his harp, which becomes more and more powerful, clear, grown and definitely original.

Croatia’s Tomislav Goluban is a true student of traditional American blues and rock. He deserves and “A” for “Blow Junkie.” It’s upbeat, clever and funny. It will put a smile on your face and tap in your toes. Creative take on “Messin’ with the Kid.” “Blow Junkie” is a nonstop party. I keep wondering when Tomi will come up for air! Tim Parsons, Blues Festival Guide, 2014