Details of
West of the Night
by Angie and The Deserters

Producer: Jeff Huskins
Mastered By: Bob Ludwig

About the Album

Angie and the Deserters release their debut full-length album, West of the Night. Drawing much inspiration from bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and The Rolling Stones, the album is infused with a medley of alternative and country rock genres showcasing a unique edge to their distinctive americana sound.  The full-length features lead singles, "Mason Jar" and "Goodbyes." The album turned heads at Fender who offered Angie a sponsorship that featured her as Fender’s artist of the month which was then followed by two Fender Sessions. "Bruyere's sultry voice stood out, as she possesses a distinctive purr that is both sweet and dangerous at the same time," noted Fender.