Universal Music Group wins 'Pyrrhic victory' against MP3tunes

Posted by Robert Bartosh
April 7, 2015 - 1:46pm EDT

Universal Music Group spent $12 million to win a “Pyrrhic victory” against bankrupt digital music service MP3tunes and its founder Michael Robertson (pictured).

According to Hypebot, recent court papers show representatives for UMG are seeking an additional $7,195,000 in legal fees in the case, having previously been awarded $5m by the courts.

If granted, UMG’s legal team will have received more than $12m to win $12,241,000 against Robertson and $11m against his bankrupt firm.

Robertson had been found liable for direct infringement for transferring unlicensed songs. The judge also found that “users of MP3tunes unlawfully copied songs from unauthorised third-party websites”, Hypebot reports, and ruled that the company had not removed after they were identified, as the DMCA requires.

However, blaming both sides for the drawn out case, which has run since 2009, U.S. District Court Judge William Pauley said the final decision "suggests a Pyrrhic victory".

Last year Robertson was ordered to pay $41 million by a jury in the US after being found to have infringed works by plaintiffs Capitol Records, EMI and others. The case dated back to 2007.

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