Review of Julien Baker European Tour - Live in Copenhagen at the Hotel Cecil

Posted by Angela Miakoda
September 10, 2018 - 7:20pm EDT

Julien Baker live at Hotel Cecil Copenhagen

The European Tour of Julien Baker continues. On September 7th The American artist arrived in Copenhagen playing in front of a selected audience. In the location of the central Hotel Cecil, Julien has enchanted the audience of the Danish capital.

At just 23 years old, Julien Baker is a complete musician capable of transmitting deep emotions through her voice and guitar. The album Turn Out The Light has made her famous all over the world, taking her from the lands of Tennessee to the borders of the European continent.

Appointments opens the concert. Julien gets on the stage with her guitar. The instrument is supported by a band that symbolizes the colors of peace and equality. Clouds of smoke surround her while a delicate-looking violinist stands beside her. Between green and red lights the stage turns into an intimate room. The sensitivity of live shows can be felt from the earliest sounds.

Intensity and purity of the voice spread in the hall. The audience is completely hypnotized. Julien is sweet and aggressive, reserved and communicative, shy and shameless. She sings of life and all the scars which it imposes on human beings. Her deepest feelings reach the spectators' souls through a golden thread that starts from her mouth. She speaks at the microphone with her eyes closed. It's a monologue made of a guitar, voice and long blond hair. The Turn Out The Light's songs follow each other in a metaphysical atmosphere. The “nightingale of  Memphis” opens her heart to us and tells a story of personal disappointments, memories and timeless nostalgia. The guitar shines under the spotlights. After about an hour from the start of the concert Julien sits at the piano. This is the moment of communication with the Otherworld. Looks at the sky and calls upon the spirits. She plays Everything To Help You Sleep in a wonderful and exciting performance.

Short and at the same time strong, Julien Baker is a giant musician enclosed in a small and simple-looking body. Her clothes are minimal, her appearance is of a suburban girl who grew up with music and a great desire to communicate. The dream made of musical notes by an American girl has reached the dreams of people all over the world. Julien's adolescence is now just a memory.

Today we see a self-confident woman and the music she produces.

- Maria Balsamo