Ria Adams Cracks Digital DJ Pool Top 50 With “Lucy”

Posted by Michael Stover
May 2, 2018 - 8:39pm EDT

25 yr old Victoria “Ria” Adams was born in Montreal, Canada and spent the majority of her childhood in Ottawa, Ontario. The half Irish, half Grenadian Pop soloist, recently signed with the New Jersey/Pennsylvania based, independent, hip hop music label, “Dope Hitz Entertainment.”

Ria Adams is the first female artist to sign with Dope Hitz. This is also Dope Hitz Entertainment’s first venture into Pop music.  

The “First Lady of Dope Hitz”  is currently working on her debut album, entitled “Hotel Heart Break 408”, set to hit iTunes early January 2018. inspired by music at an early age, “Ria” began writing songs at the age of 10. By 13, she was singing and performing at small venues across Canada. In early 2015, she decided to take her music to the next step by moving out to Toronto and pursuing her music career. She later created her first 3 song EP. Pressured by her mother, Victoria then decided to put the music down and focus on finishing high school on time. 2 years later, Adams decided to get back in the studio and begin work on a full length LP.

The college graduate is now back in the studio and doing what she loves most. Backed by one of the hottest up and coming, hip hop indie labels on the east coast; Adams is ready to prove Drake isn’t the only Canadian making hit records. 

Blessed with a star powered voice and silky smooth, “girl next door” like delivery; Ria Adams’ sound has been compared to pop music legends Paula Abdul, Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa.

Adam’s debut single “Another Boy” has caught fire on both independent and mainstream pop music charts. It has remained #1 for 30 straight days on the independent, monthly singles chart and has also landed on two mainstream charts, The BMS Radio Chicago Top-40 Urban Chart and the Digital DJ Pool.  Her single, “Lucy” has cracked the Top 50 on Digital DJ Pool, ahead of releases by Beyonce and Trey Songs. Victoria “Ria”Adams has dreamed of cracking a Billboard music chart for as long as she can remember. Armed with the super catchy, made for radio, debut single “Another Boy” and follow up, “Lucy,” it won’t be very long until her dream comes true. 

-Dope Hitz Entertainment 2017