Selina Albright

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Label: Self-Release

Genres: R&B, Unknown

Styles: R&B, Unknown

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Eat Something (feat. Kay-Ta Matsuno) R&B R&B
2 Possible R&B R&B
3 If I Were a Boy (feat. Randy Ellis) R&B R&B
4 Talk to Her R&B R&B
5 Highest High R&B R&B
6 Wifey Anthem (You Don't Have to Fight at Home) [feat. David P. Stevens] R&B R&B
7 Search My Name R&B R&B
8 Victim R&B R&B
9 Let Go (feat. Gerald Albright) R&B R&B
10 Uncharted Love R&B R&B