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Written by Robert Silverstein
October 7, 2019 - 2:34pm EDT
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No sooner had composer / keyboardist Rick Sparks released his Half Moon Bay album in 2018, that he released his latest masterpiece Hushabye in 2019. Rick’s eleven-track Hushabye follows Half Moon Bay with a splendid, new assortment of relaxing, meditative instrumentals incorporating a sound that has made him a favorite among modern day New Age music listeners. It’s no secret that Rick is a huge fan of American music icon Brian Wilson and, in fact the song “Hushabye” was actually written in 1959 by song writing hero Doc Pomus and recorded by The Beach Boys in 1964. Different Hushabye I know but there isn’t a song called “Hushabye” on Rick’s new album. The artist explains, “Brian always said he used three-part vocal harmonies because to his ear it sounded like angels. I took that to heart by using angelic-sounding wordless voices singing multipart harmonies.” Using electronic keyboards to create ethereal soundscapes highlighted by what sounds like angels singing in the background, Rick’s Hushabye album was specifically created as an album that he describes as “soothing music that both adults and children could relax to.” For his sixth solo album Rick has composed nine new tracks as well as including instrumental arrangements of the song “Love Can Make You Happy”, a song from 1969 by the 1960s group Mercy and a new rendition of the children’s song “Jesus Loves Me.” Listened to during the day as a way to help recharge your karmic batteries and as a late night sound reliever, Hushabye draws you in with its palate of soothing and peaceful instrumental New Age sounds.