Details of
Same Kind of Different
by The Family Sowell

Producer: Ben Isaacs
Engineer: Mark Capps
Recorder At: Ben's Den, Hendersonville, TN
Mastered By: Georgetown Mastering

About the Album

“Same Kind Of Different is my favorite album of 2020 right now, and it's full of quality songs by The Family Sowell!” — David Pugh, Mountain Bluegrass with David Pugh


This was exactly The Family Sowell’s goal with their sophomore album, “Same Kind Of Different”!  This newly released project was produced by Grammy-nominated producer, Ben Isaacs of the award-winning group, The Isaacs.  Ten of the thirteen tracks are originals written by the band and/or Nashville songwriters.  The tasteful arrangements and heartfelt lyrics showcase how much the band has grown in just over a year.  But don’t let that description fool you, they still know how to drive you straight to town with powerful instrumentation and tight harmonies.  The Family Sowell sincerely hopes that this album will bring a smile to your face, a skip to your walk, and a song to your heart!

Special Thanks

This project was made possible by our AMAZING partners!  Thank you, Partners, for making this dream come true!  Our dream to work alongside one of the most incredible producers in Nashville, Mr. Ben Isaacs, came to fruition because of your investment, not only in financial means, but also in you believing in our music.