Details of
Songs of 69
by Reid Jamieson

Producer: Reid Jamieson
Engineer: Reid Jamieson
Recorder At: Juniper's Boudoir (home)

About the Album

SONGS OF 69 – Reid Jamieson - Independent Mar 20, 2021

Canada’s Reid Jamieson continues his reign as the crooning king of killer covers. From Led Zeppelin to the theme from Sesame Street, this eclectic retro collection was originally recorded in March 2011, as a surprise birthday present for Reid’s wife to celebrate the year of her birth – 1969. This put the kaibosh on her plans to start lying about her age, but was warmly received by his partner in all things nonetheless. No easy task to record this many songs in secret when you share a one bedroom apartment with the person you are hiding it from – Reid had to stash a rented snare drum in their laundry basket for weeks! Released only as demos until now, a decade later, this album finally gets a proper mix, mastering and release, bringing renewed energy to these timeless classics.


1.          Young and Innocent Days (Ray Davies – The Kinks)
2.          Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan)
3.          Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin)
4.          Everybodys Talking (Fred Neil – Harry Nilsson)
5.          Can you Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street (Raposo/Stone)
6.          Don’t Let me Down (Lennon/McCartney – The Beatles)
7.          To Susan On The West Coast Waiting (Donovan)
8.          Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond
9.          Something In The Air (John Speedy Keen – Thunderclap Newman)
10.        Badge (Eric Clapton / George Harrison – Cream)
11.        Everyday People (Sylvester Stewart – Sly and the Family Stone)
12.        After Hours (Lou Reed – The Velvet Underground)

Recorded and produced by Reid Jamieson in Vancouver BC. All vocals and instruments Reid Jamieson. For CVM.