Details of
The Real Story
by Elford, Davies and Baldini

Producer: Major Baldini
Engineer: Major Baldini
Recorder At: Big Wav
Mastered By: Major Baldini

About the Album

Our album, The Real Story, was released on all digital platforms on 10 March 2021.  According to "The Real Story summons up rousing rock chock-full of palpable energy, while simultaneously making a statement." . said of one of the songs (WWJD) "The infectiously catchy harmonized guitar duet mid-song would make Thin Lizzy proud..." and gave us four stars.  The band comprises Keith Elford (lead vocals), Simon Davies (guitars, bass, keys, backing vox) and Major Baldini (drums, percussion, backing vox).  The album features contributions from Annabelle Elford (backing vox), Christina al-Wakil (trumpet, backing vocals) and Josie Simmons (saxes) and special guest star, the late Doug Lipinski, (guitar) on WWJD.  Arranged by Simon Davies, produced by Major Baldini at Big Wav.


The End is Nigh (Elford)

Cry of Despair (Elford)

This Fair Land (Elford)

Come Back Home (Elford/Davies)

Sinners and Saints (Elford)

Western Stretch (Elford/Lipinski)

WWJD (Elford/Lipinski)

An Hour Away (Elford/Lipinski)

Take Back Control (Elford/Davies)

The Real Story (Elford)

After the Flood (Elford/Sollors)

Special Thanks

Thank you Christina, Annabelle and Josie for helping us out. Thank you Annabelle for the loan of one of your fabulous paintings, and Simon Gould for the graphics