Details of
Rocket Ride
by Broke Fuse

Producer: Jay Moonah

About the Album

Performed by:

Jay Moonah - vocals, harmonica, guitar, bass, keyboards, ukulele, percussion, programming, harmonium, and theremin


Debbie Fleming - vocals and additional vocal arranging on “Rocket Ride” and “I Don’t Care”
Mike McKenna - guitar solo on “Rocket Ride”
Eric Lambier - piano on “One Shot”
Sheila McGovern - vocals on “Hear the Rain”
Chris Patheiger - vocals on “Miss Me When I’m Gone”
Neil Bennett - vocals on “The Ballad of Sonny Shade”
Paul Butters - vocals and 1st guitar solo on “The Ballad of Sonny Shade”
Matthew Bartram - vocals and organ solo on “The Ballad of Sonny Shade”
Alex Matthew - 2nd guitar solo on “The Ballad of Sonny Shade”
Karen Moonah - vocals on “Strawberry Moon” and “Stolen Time”

Cover design: Milé Murtanovski
Photographer and Design Consultant: Macy Moonah
Additional imagery courtesy of NASA and the Internet Archive (
Publicity: Sarah French

All songs written and produced by Jay Moonah © 2021.  Visit for more information.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Gabe N., Joyce T.,  and Allan R. for their ‘instrumental’ contributions.

Per Aspera Ad Astra!