Details of
Global Experience
by World5

Producer: Randy Miller
Engineer: Randy Miller
Recorder At: Houston Sound Studios
Mastered By: Randy Miller

About the Album

"World5′s release entitled ‘Global Experience‘ brings to the table a complimentary blend of musical flavors from all over the globe. Imagine music for any occasion and that’s what you have with ‘Global Experience’. I found myself just laying back and relaxing to the beautiful melodies and catchy grooves. This record made me want to sit back and listen to it, which is a rare thing with music these days.
The production is as clear as day. The tones, dynamics and effects all compliment each other, creating a pleasurable listening experience.Throughout the record the Californian band stays tight and strong. Each song is luscious and beautiful, however at the same time, powerful and strong.
The vocals especially sound powerful in some parts and truly compliment the bands overall musical direction.Overall this record is one for those lazy, chilled out Sundays all the way up to a cocktail party. I found myself enjoying its smooth melodies and catchy grooves very much.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is after music for any occasion. A truly lovely experience and a wonderful listen."