Gil Scott-Heron & Makaya McCraven
New York - United States

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We're New Again: a Reimagining by Makaya McCraven

Label: XL Recordings

Genres: R&B, Blues, Unknown, Jazz

Styles: Soul, Blues, Unknown, Jazz

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Special Tribute (Broken Home, Pt. 1) Soul R&B
2 I'm New Here Soul R&B
3 Running Soul R&B
4 Blessed Parents Soul R&B
5 New York is Killing Me Soul R&B
6 The Patch (Broken Home, Pt. 2) Soul R&B
7 People of the Light Soul R&B
8 Being Blessed Soul R&B
9 Where Did the Night Go Soul R&B
10 Lily Scott (Broken Home, Pt.3) Soul R&B
11 I'll Take Care of You Soul R&B
12 I've Been Me Soul R&B
13 This Can't Be Real Soul R&B
14 Piano Player Soul R&B
15 The Crutch Soul R&B
16 Guided (Broken Home, Pt.4) Soul R&B
17 Certain Bad Things Soul R&B
18 Me and the Devil Soul R&B