Lea McIntosh
Aptos - California - United States

Lea McIntosh's daring and distinctive album debut, Blood Cash, reflects an innate talent that’s been apparent from an early age. An exceptional offering that spotlights her intrinsic abilities as a singer and songwriter, it boasts seven original songs that Lea co-wrote with collaborator and guitarist Travis Cruse, aided and abetted by veteran musicians Myron Dove on bass, drummer Deszon Claiborne, keyboardist Eamonn Flynn, and harpist Andy Just.

Indeed, Lea was born to sing the blues. She grew up in a troubled household where she witnessed drugs, violence, and criminal mayhem. Her mother was murdered when Lea was only eleven, and her early years found her dealing with physical and emotional abuse. As a result, she’s given voice to her troubled, tumultuous past and reasserted herself with a record that reflects both her talent and tenacity.

“I finally found the courage to face my real heart,” she says. “I’m not scared anymore; things might still fall apart. Brick-by-brick I’m going to fix this road and keep telling myself there’s no place quite like home.” – Lea McIntosh

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Blood Cash

Label: Shark Park

Genres: Blues

Styles: Contemporary Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Blood Cash Contemporary Blues Blues
2 Blue Stoned Heart Contemporary Blues Blues
3 Tennessee Hurricane Contemporary Blues Blues
4 Fantasy Woman Contemporary Blues Blues
5 Purple Suede Boots Contemporary Blues Blues
6 Soul Stripper Contemporary Blues Blues
7 The Fire is Coming Contemporary Blues Blues