Whitey Somers
Coombs - British Columbia - Canada

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                     SEPT. 17, 2021

Motorhome Records:
Here comes the newest release from Canadian Blues man,
guitarist, singer, songwriter WHITEY SOMERS.
“THE CALL OF THE BLUES”, 10 hot new tracks showcasing
a variety of blues styles. From slow dark blues and hard driving slide to
swampy porch blues and fast and funky! Produced by Whitey Somers and
Rick Salt. On his latest work, Whitey’s core band are some Canada’s best
session players. Nick Dokter (Drums), Todd Sacerty (Bass), and
Nico Rhodes (Keys/Sax),as well as great guests like David Essig,
Lazy Mike Mallon and Jay D. Stiles. Always in the groove, helping to shape
the mood and bring life to the tunes. 10 New tracks of "Original Roots and
Blues infused tunes, with soaring solos and infectious grooves that will
have you dancin' in your shoes!"
Check it out! Turn it up! Hear “The Call Of The Blues”!

Available for download and streaming Sept. 17th.

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The Call of the Blues

Label: Motorhome

Genres: Blues

Styles: Classic Blues, Blues Rock, Soul Blues, Contemporary Swamp Blues, Jump Blues, Country Blues, Jazzy Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 The Call of the Blues - details Classic Blues Blues
2 Can't Control It - details Blues Rock Blues
3 Don't Go Slippin' Away - details Classic Blues Blues
4 A Free Man - details Soul Blues Blues
5 They Lie - details Blues Rock Blues
6 Gone - details Contemporary Swamp Blues Blues
7 Chicken Feet - details Jump Blues Blues
8 Wot You Got - details Blues Rock Blues
9 Ain't Nothin' but the Mornin' Blues - details Country Blues Blues
10 Rise Above - details Jazzy Blues Blues

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Down That Road

Label: Self-Release

Genres: Unknown, Blues

Styles: Unknown, Blues, Blues Rock

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 I Got the Blues Blues Rock Blues
2 Can’t Make My Payment Blues Blues Blues
3 Six Months Pregnant (3000 Miles Away) Blues Blues
4 Frozen Toenail Blues Blues Blues
5 82% Done Blues Rock Blues
6 If You Leave Me (You Leave Me Feeling Blue) Blues Rock Blues
7 My Baby Likes to Boogie Blues Blues
8 Undecided Blues Rock Blues
9 Testify Blues Rock Blues
10 Sweet Mama’s Blues Blues Rock Blues
11 Down That Road Blues Rock Blues