Bill Abernathy
Independence - Missouri - United States

If you hear a song that sounds like it could have been written about might have been.

It's been an interesting ride. I started playing music when I was only 6, and started writing music in my early teens. I played all through the school years, but then stopped playing while getting married, building a business career, and raising my children. My kids were both athletes, so my wife and I chased them all over the country and the world watching them play. It was a great time in my life, but certainly took all my extra time and energy. When the kids graduated from school and started their careers, I picked up the guitar again and began trying to remember how to play. The "Changes" CD project has been a time of reawakening for me musically. The songs all represent a specific period of my life and some of the life experiences I was fortunate to have. When the opportunity came up to record the songs and work with so many talented musicians, I could not pass it up. I hope you enjoy the songs

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Find a Way

Label: Self-Release

Genres: Folk

Styles: Traditional Folk

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Find a Way Traditional Folk Folk
2 As the Raven Flies Traditional Folk Folk
3 Start to Start Traditional Folk Folk
4 Good Bye Will Never Come Again Traditional Folk Folk
5 Nexus Traditional Folk Folk
6 This I Know Traditional Folk Folk
7 These Days Traditional Folk Folk
8 The Thrill of the Chase Traditional Folk Folk
9 My Sweet Lady Traditional Folk Folk
10 Close Calls Traditional Folk Folk
11 Looking for a Lady Traditional Folk Folk
12 Movin on Again Traditional Folk Folk
13 Walk Away Traditional Folk Folk
14 Where I Need to Be Traditional Folk Folk

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Changes - Details

Label: Midnight Rule

Genres: Country

Styles: Americana Country

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Willow Creek Americana Country Country
2 Any Port in a Storm Americana Country Country
3 Yuppie Blues Americana Country Country
4 Whiskey Road Americana Country Country
5 Can't Go Back Americana Country Country
6 Aborism Americana Country Country
7 Changes Americana Country Country
8 Meant to Be Americana Country Country
9 White Knight Americana Country Country
10 Follow Your Dreams Americana Country Country