Patrick McLaughlin
Columbus - Ohio - United States

“When I start writing a song, it always sounds like a Hank Williams song in my head. When I’m done with it, though, it’s something completely different,” says indie singer-songwriter Patrick McLaughlin with a good-natured laugh. True to the carefree whims of his creative process, Patrick’s eclectic sophomore solo album, Just Like The Record (Bolt Records), is a soulful, genre-busting collection of fine indie-Americana songcraft.

The album title speaks to the guitarist/producer/composer/singer’s playful stage banter quip after he drastically reimagines a classic song onstage. He’s a masterful contemporary blues guitarist with a widescreen musical perspective that reaches well beyond preconceived boundaries. His artistry draws from rock, jazz, soul, indie-rock, and R&B. Patrick is also a thoughtful songwriter, serve-the-song musician, powerful vocalist, and an accomplished producer. All these facets—plus years of live performance, sharpening his chops—come together on the Columbus Ohio-based artist’s stunning new album, Just Like The Record.

“I make it a rule for my latest record to never sound like my previous one. This album was built to sound different. None of the songs sound the same, and I love the idea that each song is a stylistic surprise,” he says.

Patrick is an inventive and seasoned  contemporary blues musician. His artistic fingerprint recalls Americana songwriter innovators such as Tom Petty, Keb Mo', Bob Dylan, Steve Cropper, John Hiatt, and Chris Stapleton. He has earned plaudits from Blues Matters, Thrust Magazine, and won the Columbus Music Awards “Album of the Year.” Select performance highlights include appearances at popular festivals such as Navasota Blues Festival, Texas; Foothills Music Festival, Ohio;  Big Bend Blues Festival; Heritage Blues Festival; and Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival. Previously, Patrick released his self-titled solo debut in 2011.

Just Like The Record is a culmination, so far, of a creative journey. It captures the many facets of Patrick’s artistry at a high level. Each song builds excitement by using various stylistic textures allowing the listener to take part in a new encounter. The songs feature fresh collaborations and instrumentation, and some of Patrick’s finest songwriting. “With this record, I feel like I got some unfinished business done, and I’m already starting the next new record.”

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Just Like the Record

Label: Bolt

Genres: Blues

Styles: Contemporary Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Big Sky - details Contemporary Blues Blues
2 Bar Room Dream - details Contemporary Blues Blues
3 First and Last of Me - details Contemporary Blues Blues
4 So Alive - details Contemporary Blues Blues
5 Everybody's Broken - details Contemporary Blues Blues
6 Life is - details Contemporary Blues Blues
7 Soul Serving - details Contemporary Blues Blues
8 I'll Talke the Rest - details Contemporary Blues Blues
9 No Stone Unturned - details Contemporary Blues Blues
10 Same River Twice - details Contemporary Blues Blues
11 Drive Me to Drink - details Contemporary Blues Blues
12 Island Neon - details Contemporary Blues Blues