Susie Fitzgerald
Colorado - United States

Susie Fitzgerald’s second album, Restless, released in February 2015, travels across the American musical landscape from rootsy acoustic Folk and Alt-Country to vintage Rock riffs with a bit of jazzy Swing measured into the vibe. Featuring stellar grooves by Kyle Zender and Hill Baker with special musical guests John Macy, Phil Norman, Chris Speasmaker, Thom Flora and Chris Woods.

Restless takes the listener on a lyrical road trip, exploring relationships of all kinds along the way. Lovers, friends, enemies, “frienemies,” and The Self are regarded from the artist’s seasoned point of view—grown-up, wised-up, a little sassy, razor-sharp yet soft-hearted, and always, eternally hopeful.

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Label: Big Purr Music

Genres: Rock

Styles: Soft Rock

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 The Hardest March - details Folk Rock Folk
2 Mended Fences - details Americana Country Country
3 I Am a Muse (Tell No One) - details Americana Country Country
4 Keep on Driving - details Folk Rock Folk
5 Avidya - details Alternative Folk Folk
6 Devil Dog - details Swing Jazz
7 Everywhere & Nowhere - details Classic Country Country
8 Rattlesnake - details Rock & Roll Rock
9 Restless - details Classic Country Country
10 Meadowlark - details Folk Folk
11 Activated - details Soft Rock Rock
12 Yes Please - details Contemporary Folk Folk