Voodoo Walters
Toronto - Ontario - Canada

Voodoo Walters is a dynamic, versatile musician and artist who brings a great evening of music to your clientele.

Voodoo Walters is the Toronto Blues-based artist that can do it all; Blues, R & B, Funk, Swamp, Soul, Rock n Roll and Surf, just to name a few styles. The aim is to take the audience on a musical journey and bring them back wanting more. Voodoo Walters' ability to connect with the audience, along with the versatility of his repertoire, creates a great show every time, perfectly tailored to the audience.

Voodoo Walters has been playing across the GTA, south and central Ontario for the past 14 years. His abilities as a guitarist, singer, musical director and arranger have made him a sought after commodity in several touring and recording acts across the GTA, including;


• Irish Choral Society – 30 piece choir

• Mama Motown – classic and contemporary RnB

• Big Fog – Celtic fusion


Voodoo Walters honed his skills with the journeymen's attitude of hard work and an "anywhere, anytime" approach to performing. This ethic has also made him a welcomed, regular and featured artist at the many professional jams, as well as an on call session player for several studios across the GTA.

Voodoo Walters has just released "CAKEWALK" (Jan. 2015) as a follow up to the limited release live CD, Lucky 13 Live (2009). This project features Voodoo Walters' skills as a musician, writer, arranger and producer. "CAKEWALK" is a an original collection of songs that showcase the rowdy, soulful, funky and fun nature of the Blues


Here is what the professionals are saying about Voodoo Walters;

"Voodoo Walters is the commensurate bluesman. Not only a great songwriter, his live show beams positivity. He's at once a fierce soloist then instantly a thoughtful rhythmatist coupled with a voice you won't forget!"

Stuart Watkins; international touring bassist www.stuartwatkins.com


"Having known Voodoo Walters now for many years it has been remarkable to see his progression from sideman to an accomplished guitarist and entertaining front man. I always look forward to seeing him play."

Brian Cober – double-slide guitarist and singer www.briancober.com


"Easy... Voodoo's playing makes me feel like I'm in the Deep South. It's got the Gumbo."

Patrick Tevlin; New Orleans style jazz and blues trumpeter. www.tevlin.ca


Voodoo Walters is a sure fire bet to give your patrons the entertainment they have been wanting and deserve. Book Voodoo Walters for your establishment today!


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Blues in the Time of Covid

Label: Self-Release

Genres: Blues

Styles: Contemporary Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Scapegoat Contemporary Blues Blues
2 The Future Contemporary Blues Blues
3 Just Ain't Right Contemporary Blues Blues
4 A Little Blues Contemporary Blues Blues
5 Come Find Me Contemporary Blues Blues
6 Bup Bup Bup Contemporary Blues Blues
7 Hey Now Baby Contemporary Blues Blues
8 Chase My Tail Contemporary Blues Blues
9 Twitchy Contemporary Blues Blues

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Label: Self Release

Genres: Blues

Styles: Blues, Contemporary Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
Bup Bup Bup Contemporary Blues Blues
1 Big House Baby Blues Blues
2 Boogie Man Blues Blues
3 Girl on a Scooter Blues Blues
4 Cakewalk Blues Blues
5 The Swagger Blues Blues
6 Frog Legs Blues Blues
7 Recitation of the Blues Blues Blues
8 Pick a Rhumba Blues Blues
9 Heavy Load Blues Blues
10 St. Vitus Boogie Blues Blues
11 My Right Arm Blues Blues