Allen Toussaint
New Orleans - Louisiana - United States

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American Tunes

Label: Nonesuch

Genres: R&B, Blues

Styles: Soul, Contemporary Blues, Jazzy Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Delores' Boyfriend Contemporary Blues Blues
2 Viper's Drag Jazzy Blues Blues
3 Confessin' (That I Love You) Jazzy Blues Blues
4 Mardi Gras in New Orleans Jazzy Blues Blues
5 Lotus Blossom Jazzy Blues Blues
6 Waltz for Debby Jazzy Blues Blues
7 Big Chief Jazzy Blues Blues
8 Rocks in My Bed Contemporary Blues Blues
9 Danza, Op. 33 Jazzy Blues Blues
10 Hey Little Girl Jazzy Blues Blues
11 Rosetta Jazzy Blues Blues
12 Come Sunday Jazzy Blues Blues
13 Southern Nights Soul R&B
14 American Tune Jazzy Blues Blues

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Label: Rounder

Genres: R&B, Easy Listening, Pop, Blues

Styles: Soul, Lounge, Pop, Delta Blues, Jazzy Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Introduction Soul R&B
2 It's Raining Lounge Easy Listening
3 Lipstick Traces Soul R&B
4 Allen Speaks Soul R&B
5 Brickyard Blues Soul R&B
6 With You in Mind Pop Pop
7 Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further Pop Pop
8 Sweet Touch of Love Soul R&B
9 Holy Cow Delta Blues Blues
10 Introduction to Get out of My Life, Woman Soul R&B
11 Get out of My Life, Woman Soul R&B
12 Freedom for the Stallion Soul R&B
13 St. James Infirmary Soul R&B
14 Introduction to Shrimp Po-Boy, Dressed Soul R&B
15 Shrimp Po-Boy, Dressed Soul R&B
16 Soul Sister Jazzy Blues Blues
17 All These Things Soul R&B
18 We Are America / Yes We Can Soul R&B
19 The Optimism Blues Soul R&B
20 Old Records Soul R&B
21 Certain Girl Medley: Certain Girl / Mother-in-Law / Fortune Teller / Working in the Coal Mine Soul R&B
22 It's a New Orleans Thing Soul R&B
23 I Could Eat Crawfish Everyday Soul R&B
24 No Place Like New York Soul R&B
25 Southern Nights Soul R&B