Binghamton - New York - United States

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City Lights

Label: Self-Release

Genres: Folk, Country

Styles: Contemporary Folk, Americana Country, Alternative Country

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
Fishbowl Americana Country Country
1 Fishbowl Americana Country Country
2 City Lights Contemporary Folk Folk
3 Talkin' Alternative Country Country
4 Gasoline Contemporary Folk Folk
5 Lemonade Americana Country Country
6 The Waves Contemporary Folk Folk
7 Maria Constantina Contemporary Folk Folk
8 Too Afraid Contemporary Folk Folk
9 Lost Cause Contemporary Folk Folk
10 Skin and Bone Contemporary Folk Folk

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Label: Yellow Bike

Genres: Folk

Styles: Contemporary Folk, Folk Rock

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 High School Paycheck Folk Rock Folk
2 The Suns Going Down Folk Rock Folk
3 Roller Coaster Folk Rock Folk
4 The Carburetor and the Steam Engine Contemporary Folk Folk
5 Before I Rust Folk Rock Folk
6 Words Come True Folk Rock Folk
7 Outer Space Folk Rock Folk
8 Company Store Folk Rock Folk
9 Time is Folk Rock Folk
10 Buffalo Street Folk Rock Folk
11 Brother Folk Rock Folk