The Wind and The Wave
Texas - United States

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Happiness is Not a Place

Label: Island

Genres: Rock, Pop

Styles: Roots Rock, AAA

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 My Mind is an Endless Sea AAA Pop
1 With Your Two Hands Roots Rock Rock
2 Let's Forget That I Was Ever Even Here AAA Pop
3 Grand Canyon AAA Pop
4 Happiness is Not a Place AAA Pop
5 Before the World Explodes AAA Pop
6 Anything for You AAA Pop
7 Take Me Back AAA Pop
8 Under the Skin AAA Pop
9 Skin and Bones AAA Pop
10 Really Wanna Love Somebody AAA Pop
11 Lost AAA Pop
12 The Redhead in Aberdeen AAA Pop
13 Everybody Knows AAA Pop