Eric Lindell
Indiana - United States

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Revolution in Your Heart

Label: Alligator

Genres: Rock, Blues

Styles: Roots Rock, Blues Rock, Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Shot Down Roots Rock Rock
2 Revolution Roots Rock Rock
3 Heavy Heart Roots Rock Rock
4 How Could This Be? Roots Rock Rock
5 Big Horse Blues Rock Blues
6 Pat West Roots Rock Rock
7 Kelly Ridge Roots Rock Rock
8 Claudette Roots Rock Rock
9 Appaloosa Roots Rock Rock
10 Millie Kay Roots Rock Rock
11 Grandpa Jim Roots Rock Rock
12 The Sun Don't Shine Roots Rock Rock

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Matters of the Heart

Label: Red Parlor

Genres: Rock, R&B, Blues

Styles: Roots Rock, Soul, Contemporary Blues, Blues Rock

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 The Good Times Soul R&B
2 Since June Contemporary Blues Blues
3 She Thinks I Still Care Soul R&B
4 Indian Summer Contemporary Blues Blues
5 Here in Frisco Contemporary Blues Blues
6 California Soul R&B
7 I Lost You Blues Rock Blues
8 Couldn't Leave You if I Tried Contemporary Blues Blues
9 Wrong Too Long Soul R&B
10 The Sun and the Sea Contemporary Blues Blues
11 You Look So Good in Love Contemporary Blues Blues
12 Sweet Beautiful Thing Contemporary Blues Blues
13 Take Me Back Contemporary Blues Blues
14 Bayou Country (live) Contemporary Blues Blues