Bill Filipiak
Nashville - Tennessee - United States

Bill Filipiak is a singer / songwriter with an affinity for acoustic blues music. His first album "Put The Top Down" received airplay on Americana radio stations across the US as well as a friendly home on blues radio programs throughout the United Kingdom. Bill just released his sophomore album "Brand New Me" in April of 2020 and says the album reflects the direct inspirations from artists he's met over the past year. "It's impossible to be around the likes of Ray Wylie Hubbard, Larkin Poe or Hayes Carll and not be influenced by their incredible approach to writing. They are about as true to themselves as any artist I've met and reminded me that the secret to writing is being honest and vulnerable."

The new release continues his growth in the world of acoustic blues and Americana. While Bill has been writing and performing for nearly 30 years, it's only been over the past four years that he's put this much focus on his songwriting and recording; a truth he attributes to his wife's support and the desire to show his kids that age is not a factor when it comes to creativity and pursuing the things in life that bring you joy.

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Brand New Me

Label: Self-Release

Genres: Country

Styles: Americana Country

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Punch My Ticket Americana Country Country
2 One of a Kind Americana Country Country
3 Another Dead End Americana Country Country
4 Brand New Me Americana Country Country
5 Go So Soon Americana Country Country
6 Hellion Boy Americana Country Country
7 When the Devil Wants Your Angel Americana Country Country
8 Life is Good Americana Country Country

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Put the Top Down - Details

Label: Vidlicity

Genres: Blues, Folk, Country

Styles: Acoustic Blues, Contemporary Folk, Americana Country, Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Top Down (Remastered) Acoustic Blues Blues
2 Time to Time (Remastered) - details Contemporary Folk Folk
3 3 Am (Remastered) Contemporary Folk Folk
4 Twenty Four Seven (Remastered) Acoustic Blues Blues
5 You Are Loved (Remastered) [feat. Alex Filipiak] - details Americana Country Country
6 My House is Broken (Remastered) Acoustic Blues Blues
7 Dreamt the Blues (Remastered) Acoustic Blues Blues
8 All of This (Remastered) Americana Country Country
9 When You Look at Me (Remastered) [feat. Alex Filipiak] Acoustic Blues Blues
10 Used to This (Remastered) Acoustic Blues Blues