Eddie Martin
England - United Kingdom

Eddie Martin's 25-Year-Anniversary Acoustic Album

This carefully selected collection of songs celebrates the 25 years and 13 internationally-acclaimed albums of Eddie Martin’s recording career. From the age of 16, London-born Martin felt most at the home with the Afro-American-European traditions of “the blues. He has since explored its expressive possibilities as a singer-songwriter, and as an acoustic soloist and electric guitarist/band leader.   With varied arrangements – some lush, some sparse – this record showcases the energy and vitality that Martin has brought to the genre of acoustic blues.

Songs of love and loss, work and hardship sit side-by-side with dramatic narratives and humorous words-of-advice. Fans of Martin’s guitar and harmonica skills will not be disappointed, there are also one-man-band tracks displaying his instrumental virtuosity and band arrangements which draw upon expert musicians from both sides of the Atlantic (Chicago-born and trained Michael Wiedrich on drums and Paddy Milner (Best British Blues Instrumentalist Winner) on piano).  All-in all this collection encompasses the tough and tender sides of this award-winning blues performer over the course of his prolific career.

Martin has honed his skills on both sides of the Atlantic. He lived for a time in Texas, toured internationally fronting a Texan rhythm section and has held residencies as a one-man-band on Beale St in Memphis and in a Jook Joint in Clarksdale Mississippi. Partly due to this groundwork he is one of the few British Bluesmen to receive regular airplay and high chart ratings on US blues radio. He is an established artist in the UK of course, having received numerous award Nominations for Best British Blues Guitarist, Harmonica player, Acoustic Artist and Album, and having broadcast 3 live sessions for Paul Jones’ BBC Radio 2 programme.

Volume 1 is a re-mastering of acoustic songs recorded 1989 - 2012. With 2 remixes, there are 2 traditional blues (“Key to the Highway” and the previously unreleased “Yo Yo Blues”), and the rest are original songs drawn from 3 previous solo releases and 2 band albums. Vol 2, out later this year, will look back on electric band recordings.

Musicians: Eddie Martin: Vocal, National Resophonic, Steel and Nylon-string Guitars, Rack Harmonica and Foot Percussion, Paddy Milner: Piano, Dave Griffiths: Double Bass and Mandolin, Michael Wiedrich: Drums, Marion Dolton: Double Bass.

Tracklisting 1.Blues Took Me By The Hand / 2.Flowers to the Desert / 3.Keep On Working / 4.The Devil’s Joker / 5. Canada (remix) / 6. Month of Mondays (Help Me Through)/ 7.One Man Band Rag / 8. It’s a Mystery to Me / 9. Kind Lady Moon (remix)/ 10.Funny Bone Blues / 11. Too Many Red Lights / 12.. Key To The Highway/ 13. Yo Yo Blues (new release) / 14. Lazy Monday

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The Birdcage Sessions

Label: Blueblood

Genres: Blues

Styles: Blues Rock, Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Before We Wake Up Blues Rock Blues
2 Home Blues Rock Blues
3 Breakeven Blues Blues Rock Blues
4 Happy Broke and Free Blues Rock Blues
5 Skylight Blues Rock Blues
6 I Long for a Sail Blues Rock Blues
7 Bridcage Blues Blues Rock Blues
8 River Song Blues Rock Blues
9 Falling Blues Rock Blues
10 Kitchen Boogie Blues Rock Blues
11 Lazy Sunday Blues Rock Blues
12 Amazing Grace Blues Rock Blues
13 Too Much Choice Blues Blues Rock Blues
14 Country Walk Blues Rock Blues

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Black White and Blue

Label: Bluesblood

Genres: Blues

Styles: Blues, Blues Rock

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Mississippi Sound Blues Blues
2 Angry Blues Blues
3 Black White and Blue Blues Blues
4 I Choose You Blues Rock Blues
5 Too Much Choice Blues Blues
6 Graceful Ways Blues Blues
7 I've Lost My Phone Blues Rock Blues
8 How Blues Rock Blues
9 Song of Five Things Blues Blues
10 It All Depends Blues Rock Blues