Iron Bridge Band
New Jersey - United States

IBB is a rock band with catchy choruses, deep lyrics and melodic guitars....but with a modern diverse sound, with a little bit of everything from rock, blues, pop and country.


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Against the Grain

Label: NEH Records

Genres: Rock, Blues

Styles: Roots Rock, Blues Rock

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 A Little Too High Roots Rock Rock
2 Black Sheep's Son Blues Rock Blues
3 The Fall Blues Rock Blues
4 American Boss Blues Rock Blues
5 Raleigh Blues Rock Blues
6 Every Blues Rock Blues
7 Mark Twain Blues Rock Blues
8 Backwoods Charm (A Southern Gothic) Blues Rock Blues
9 Day Gets Me Down Blues Rock Blues
10 Faded Blues Rock Blues
11 Wilderness Blues Rock Blues
12 Light in August Blues Rock Blues

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Road Not Taken

Label: Shorefire

Genres: Rock

Styles: Roots Rock

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Thunder in a Sacred Place Roots Rock Rock
2 Best Wine Roots Rock Rock
3 Wildflower Roots Rock Rock
4 Petticoat Road Roots Rock Rock
5 All Our Yesterdays Roots Rock Rock
6 Bittersweet Roots Rock Rock
7 Smokin' Gun Roots Rock Rock
8 Once Beautiful (Love Like Rain) Roots Rock Rock
9 Miles to Go Roots Rock Rock
10 The Most Benevolent Wind Roots Rock Rock
11 Before I Sleep Roots Rock Rock
12 All Our Yesterdays (Acoustic) Roots Rock Rock