England - United Kingdom

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Label: Dome

Genres: R&B

Styles: Neo-Soul

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Working Day and Night (feat. Kayleigh O’Neill) Neo-Soul R&B
2 In the Mood (feat. Decosta Boyce) Neo-Soul R&B
3 It Should Have Been You (feat. Izzy Chase) Neo-Soul R&B
4 Cannot Live Without Your Love (feat. Rhiannon Penney) Neo-Soul R&B
5 Give Me the Night (feat. Colette Connor) Neo-Soul R&B
6 Let's Stay Together (feat. Decosta Boyce) Neo-Soul R&B
7 One Minute from Love (feat. Kayleigh O’Neill) Neo-Soul R&B
8 Early Morning Love (feat. LaAerial) Neo-Soul R&B
9 Kilimanjaro (feat. Hannah White) Neo-Soul R&B
10 Under the Moon and over the Sky (feat. Keni Stevens & Heidi Vogel) Neo-Soul R&B