Riad Abdel-Gawad

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Words of Peace

Label: Musicariad

Genres: World

Styles: World

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 The World is a Beautiful Place (feat. Ahmed Astika & Yaser Ontar) World World
2 The Nay: the Wind Song of the Nile (feat. Mohamed Foda) World World
3 Adam & Eve: the Global Starters (feat. Amal Ibrahim) World World
4 The Violin: Instrument of the People (feat. Amal Ibrahim) World World
5 The Qanun: Metaphor for the Physical Spiritual and Universal Rules (feat. Mostafa Abdelkhalek) World World
6 God Blessed Him (Prophet Mohamed [Saw]) in God's Heavens! [feat. Amal Ibrahim] World World
7 The Oud: the Crying Earth (feat. Islam El Qasabgi) World World
8 (We Wish For) Peace, Peace to God's Folk in All Places! [feat. Satar Mikhael] World World
9 Oh Mother Egypt, Your Water (The Nile) is Balm Which Changes and Heals Our Minds [feat. Amal Ibrahim] World World
10 The Cotton Harvest: an Affirmation of Life (feat. Mohamed Foda, Islam El Qasabgy & Mostafa Abdelkhalek) World World
11 Oh Egypt! O Mother of (Life's) Long Struggle! [feat. Amal Ibrahim] World World
12 At-Taqaseem: the Egyptian People’s Song Without Words World World
13 Coda World World
14 To Every Cry in the (Trying) Time Subsides to (Peaceful) Silence [feat. Amal Ibrahim] World World
15 All People / Regarding Their Origin / Originate in Equality (feat. Ahmed Nafa'a) World World
16 Words of Peace World World
17 Prayer for Peace World World
18 Piece for Peace World World