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The Widening Gyre

Label: Compass Records

Genres: Folk, Bluegrass

Styles: Celtic, Bluegrass, Folk

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Maggie's Pancakes/Píobaire an Chéide/The Friel Deal (Reels) [with Alison Brown, Stuart Duncan, Todd Phillips, Jim Higgins & Kenny Malone] Celtic Folk
2 No Ash Will Burn (with Kenny Malone, Bruce Molsky, Garry West & Jeneé Fleenor) Celtic Folk
3 Buffalo Gals/Leather Britches/Leslie's Reel (with Darol Anger, Alison Brown, Todd Phillips & Jim Higgins) Celtic Folk
4 Má Théann Tú 'un Aonaigh (with Alison Brown, Natalie Haas & Jim Higgins) Celtic Folk
5 A Tune for Mairéad and Anna (with Stuart Duncan & Natalie Haas) Celtic Folk
6 White Birds (with Will Barrow & Mary Chapin Carpenter) Celtic Folk
7 The Tin Key/Sam Kelly's Jig/The Gravediggers (Jigs) [with Michael McGoldrick, Alison Brown, Todd Phillips & Jim Higgins] Celtic Folk
8 Cúirt Robin Finley (with Darol Anger & Natalie Haas) Celtic Folk
9 The House Carpenter (Gypsy Davy) [with Alison Brown, Tim O'Brien, Julee Glaub Weems, Todd Phillips & Jim Higgins] Celtic Folk
10 Samhradh (Slow Reel)/Aniar Aduaidh (Jig)/The Donegal Jig [with Alison Brown, Natalie Haas, Todd Phillips & Jim Higgins] Celtic Folk
11 Lurgy Streams Celtic Folk
12 The Triple T (with Darol Anger, Alison Brown, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, Todd Phillips, Bryan Sutton & Jim Higgins) Celtic Folk
13 Far Beyond Carrickfinn (with Eddi Reader) Celtic Folk
14 The Road Home (with Darol Anger & Jerry Douglas) Celtic Folk

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Label: Virgin Records

Genres: Unknown

Styles: Unknown

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Johnny Boyle's/King of the Pipers (Medley) Celtic Folk
2 Dark Haired Lass/Biddy from Muckross/Sean Maguire's (Medley) Celtic Folk
3 'Stor, a Stor, a Ghra Celtic Folk
4 Strathspey/Con Mcginley's/Newfoundland Reel (Medley) Celtic Folk
5 Ta Me 'Mo Shui Celtic Folk
6 An Gasur Mor/Bunker Hill/Dogs Among the Bushes (Medley) Celtic Folk
7 Molly Na Gcuach Ni Chuilleanain Celtic Folk
8 Jenny Picking Cockles/Farewell to Leitrim/John Doherty's Celtic Folk
9 Ar Bhruach Na Carraige Baine Celtic Folk
10 The Dance of the Honeybees Celtic Folk
11 Blackwaterside Celtic Folk
12 A Tune for Frankie Celtic Folk