Linda McRae
Nashville - Tennessee - United States

Linda McRae - Going To The Well

A singer-songwriter musician of the old school, with decades of experience, you may think you know what Linda McRae is up to. That is until she throws you a curve with a new twist: David Bowie on Banjo?! “

Pure substance. Unbridled and fully realized talent. Sincere and stirring. The eleven tracks which comprise Linda McRae’s latest album, Going to the Well, are like a trip back home to that safe space you knew once as a kid. Minimalist melodies—which generally consist of little more than either a guitar or banjo along side of McRae’s tenured vocal timbre—connect immediately with the listener; emote, soften, and leave some kind of warm feeling behind after they finish.The Ark of Music

Recorded in St. Thomas, Ontario with producer Deni Gauthier, Going to the Well is a cour-

ageously stripped-to-the-bone recording, the bulk of which features Linda McRae on acoustic guitar, banjo and vocals. Rounding out the album are Gurf Morlix on guitar/vocals, Bill Kirchen on guitar/vocals, Shara Gustafson on background vocals and Deni Gauthier on guitar.

Linda manages to bend the rules and the genres, proving that stripping a song clean brings one back to their roots. With her new release, GOING TO THE WELL, Canadian/Nashville based Linda McRae takes a deep draw, fresh and cool, on iconic influences, covering the likes of David Bowie, Willie P. Bennett, Richard Thompson, Don Williams and Bill Kirchen.

 [Going To The Well] It’s a Winner!” - Jan Hall, Folk Roots Radio






**1.  Ashes to Ashes  3:46, Mid-tempo  -  Who’d a thought? David Bowie on Banjo!

2.  Long Shadow Trail  4:09, Mid-tempo - Linda’s tale of a lonely little girl.

**3.  Dimming The Day - 4:49, Slow-tempo - A shimmering version of Richard Thompson’s classic. 

4.  Double Star - 4:30, Slow-tempo - Linda’s story of a couple and the daily challenges they face.

**5.  Empty - 4:15, Slow tempo (McRae/Kessler)  Progress. Does it always have to be about money?

**6.  Man In The Bottom Of The Well - 3:08, Mid-tempo - Bill Kirchen song, scary!

7.  Caney Fork River - 3:49, Mid-tempo - This fun love song is from Willie P. Bennett.

8.  Till The Rivers All Run Dry - 2:43, Slow-tempo Cover of an old Don Williams’ gem. 

9.  Heroes - 4:31. Mid-tempo - David Bowie

**10. Singing River - 3:51, (McRae) Mid-tempo story about Te-lah-nay’s 5 year walk.

        11. Bonus Track - The Lucky Ones - 2:39, Mid-tempo WIllie P. Bennett song.

Linda’s superb songwriting has been recognized widely. In 2019 she was awarded a residency with Florida’s Escape 2 Create. E2C is dedicated to advancing the work of writers, scholars, composers, filmmakers, visual artists and interdisciplinary artists. Artists in residency are chosen by a panel of distinguished E2C Fellows based on the strength of their creative work, community service and educational outreach. During this, her second residency with E2C, Linda created a stop-motion animated video for the song “Long  Shadow Trail,” included in this new release.  ANIMATED VIDEO - LONG SHADOW TRAIL



Anyone who knows Linda McRae, knows that the road has a calling as much as writing sings in her blood. Hitting the trail with String Bone aka Barry James Payne alongside producer of “Going To The WellDeni Gauthier seemed the natural thing to do.

 I am a great believer in trusting my gut, something that has taken me some time to learn. This project came about in just that way. We were looking for a house concert in Ontario to help fill in an open date while on tour and my friend Barry Payne suggested I get in touch with Deni Gauthier. Thanks for the tip Barry! Not only did Deni put on a house concert for us, but he also invited James and me to spend a few days at his family’s home. While there, Deni invited me to record a few songs in his studio. Little did we know that a life-long friendship, a mutual admiration for each other's work and this brand-new recording would be the result.” said Linda.

Wed Nov 13 – 7:30 pm | The Casbah, Hamilton, ON | | 905-741-7625

Thurs  Nov 14 – 7:30 pm | The Revival House, Stratford, ON |  The Revival House | 519-273-3424

Fri Nov 15 – 7:30 pm | Hensall Heritage Hall, Hensall, ON |

Sat Nov 16 – 7 pm | CD Release | Private Event

Sun Nov 17 – 8:00 pm  | Aeolian Hall, London, ON | | 519-672-7950

Mon Nov 18 – 7:30 pm | Hugh’s Room, Toronto, ON | | 416-533-5483

Linda McRae at Folk Alliance International in New Orleans, LA January 22 – 26, 2020

Booking Inquiries:  Evangeline Elston 530-632-3798,


Linda’s love of Canadian, American and British music early on in her career resulted in multiple band configurations from roots-rock to punk to folk. These bands included the platinum selling group, Spirit of the West. Her deep contribution to the Canadian music scene resulted in her being honoured as a 2016 British Columbia Entertainment Hall of FamePioneer” inductee.

When Linda steps onto a concert stage, into a recording studio, workshops or mentoring session, there is an effortless passion, a love of what she does and a connection with fans and friendships built and treasured. A multi-instrumentalist Linda works tirelessly as a touring singing songwriter, performing at premiere venues across Canada, the US and Europe while turning out new works.

Crucial to Linda’s art is her virtuosic vocal work. Echoes of artists such as The Beatles, Hank Williams Sr, Hazel and Alice, Jean Ritchie, Neil Young and Johnny Cash, are reflected in her work reviving the songs and the senses with a new urgency of spirit and authenticity.

McRae has offered six critically acclaimed solo recordings throughout her years as a solo performer and is featured on multiple artists’ albums. Numerous accolades and top radio charting have landed Linda a Canadian Folk Music nomination for Contemporary Album of The Year for “Rough Edges and Ragged Hearts,” two Escape to Create Residencies in Florida, Winner of the Family Folk Chorale for “Be Your Own Light”. Linda is also highly sought after as a teacher, mentor, juror, panelist and workshop facilitator.

And if all that isn’t enough Linda has worked alongside husband/manager with at risk youth and adults in her Express Yourself Writing Workshops presented across the country at detox, and correctional facilities including New Folsom Prison in California.

Diverse, meshing old style with modern, and ingeniously acoustic. Linda McRae shows her confidence with her unique approach and her brand of music, drawing from a deep and treasured resource of well-loved songs for “Going To The Well!!” 

Linda McRae continues to unveil wondrous and engrossing story songs with each release.” 

  - John Apice, No Depression

McRae is a true gift, and her essence is a definite light in song and musicianship.

 - Richard Diehn, Outlaw Magazine



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Going to the Well - Details

Label: 42RPM

Genres: Folk, Country, Rock

Styles: Alternative Folk, Americana Country, Roots Rock, Country

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Ashes to Ashes Alternative Folk Folk
2 Long Shadow Trail Americana Country Country
3 Dimming of the Day Alternative Folk Folk
4 Double Star Americana Country Country
5 Empty Alternative Folk Folk
6 Man in the Bottom of the Well Alternative Folk Folk
7 Caney Fork River Alternative Folk Folk
8 Till the Rivers All Run Dry Alternative Folk Folk
9 Heroes Alternative Folk Folk
10 Singing River Americana Country Country
11 The Lucky Ones (Bonus Track) Alternative Folk Folk

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Shadow Trails

Label: Borealis

Genres: Country

Styles: Country, Americana Country

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Can You Hear Me Calling Americana Country Country
2 Charlie Parr Americana Country Country
3 Long Shadow Trail Americana Country Country
4 Why Can't Waylon Americana Country Country
5 When Love is a Game Americana Country Country
6 My Man Americana Country Country
7 Double Star Americana Country Country
8 Flowers of Appalachia Americana Country Country
9 Jesus or Jail Americana Country Country
10 Sidewalk Princess Americana Country Country
11 Singing River Americana Country Country
12 Hannah Americana Country Country