Jeffrey Halford & the Healers
San Francisco - California - United States

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West Towards South

Label: Floating Records

Genres: Rock, Blues

Styles: Rock, Roots Rock, Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 West Toward South Roots Rock Rock
2 Deeper Than Hell Roots Rock Rock
3 Dead Man's Hand Roots Rock Rock
4 Willa Jean Roots Rock Rock
5 Three-Quater Moon Roots Rock Rock
6 A Town Called Slow Roots Rock Rock
7 Sea of Cortez Blues Blues
8 Gallows Roots Rock Rock
9 Geronimo Roots Rock Rock
10 Ballad of Ambrose and Cyrus Roots Rock Rock

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Lo Fi Dreams

Label: Shoeless

Genres: Rock, Blues, Country

Styles: Rock, Country Blues, Blues, Roots Rock, Americana Country

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Two Jacksons Country Blues Blues
2 Elvis Shot the Television Blues Blues
3 Door #3 Blues Blues
4 Good Trouble Blues Blues
5 10,000 Miles Blues Blues
6 Last Kiss Roots Rock Rock
7 Bird of Youth Blues Blues
8 Sweet Annette Country Blues Blues
9 Lookin for a Home Country Blues Blues
10 The Great Divide Americana Country Country

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Label: Shoeless Records

Genres: Blues, Rock, Unknown

Styles: Blues, Rock, Unknown

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
Rainmaker Blues Blues
Rainmaker Blues Blues
2 Lost Highway Blues Blues
3 Mexico Blues Blues
4 Vinyl Blues Blues
5 Thunderbird Motel Blues Blues
6 Second Chance Blues Blues
7 Natures Choir Blues Blues
8 North Beach Blues Blues
9 Cry of Hope Blues Blues
10 Harry We Need You Blues Blues
11 Joaquin Blues Blues