The Roots Music Report's
Top 50 Bluegrass Song Chart
for the Week of May 11, 2019

TW LW Song Title Band/Artist Name Sub Genre
-11Rise SunThe Infamous StringdustersContemporary Bluegrass
-22Let Me KnowThe Infamous StringdustersContemporary Bluegrass
-33Like ReflectionsGreensky BluegrassContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*4-Breaking in LonesomeRick FarisContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*5-Last RefrainThe Lonely Heartstring BandTraditional Bluegrass
6-Swept Away (feat. Alison Brown, Becky Buller, Molly Tuttle & Sierra Hull)Missy RainesContemporary Bluegrass
79Something About a Train SoundIrene KelleyContemporary Bluegrass
821The Hard Way Every TimeDale Ann BradleyContemporary Bluegrass
910In Hell I'll Be in Good CompanyThe Dead SouthProgressive Bluegrass
10-I Will Always Be Waiting for YouHigh FidelityContemporary Bluegrass
11-LenaFrank Solivan & Dirty KitchenContemporary Bluegrass
124Wreck of My HeartThe Lonesome River BandContemporary Bluegrass
137Dance, Dance, DanceAppalachian Road ShowTraditional Bluegrass
1416I've Heard This TuneGregg WeltyTraditional Bluegrass
158Get Me GoneBalsam RangeTraditional Bluegrass
1617KidsThe HillbendersContemporary Bluegrass
1718If I Needed SomeoneBalsam RangeTraditional Bluegrass
1819Heartbreak Hall of FameThe GrascalsContemporary Bluegrass
1922Diggin' My PotatoesTim O'BrienBluegrass
2023Looking for the BridgeChris Jones & the Night DriversContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*21-Darcy FarrowJeff Scroggins & ColoradoTraditional Bluegrass
2212Feelin' Bad BluesRy CooderContemporary Bluegrass
2325The Hobo SongDeadgrassContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*24-The Other SideThe Lonely Heartstring BandTraditional Bluegrass
25-You Can't Take It with You when You GoRhonda VincentBluegrass
26-I'll Follow JesusMark Kuykendall & Bobby HicksTraditional Bluegrass
27-A New Spin on an Old HeartacheJerry SalleyContemporary Bluegrass
28-Now That's a SongVolume FiveBluegrass
29-Better Move It on HomeShannon SlaughterContemporary Bluegrass
30-EdaleKathy Kallick BandContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*31-You'll ForgetLarry SparksContemporary Bluegrass
32-Wanda LouRay EdwardsTraditional Bluegrass
33-Louisville RamblerBlue Moon RisingTraditional Bluegrass
34-Bluegrass RadioIrene KelleyContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*35-Will You Be LeavingAmanda CookContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*36-City That DrownedMile TwelveContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*37-Under a Dark SkyMissy RainesContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*38-Smoke & AshesThe Lonely Heartstring BandTraditional Bluegrass
39-Sixteen Tons (feat. Avril Smith & Alison Brown)Della MaeContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*40-Fearless Love (feat. Tim O'Brien)Missy RainesContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*41-The Future’s Not What It Used to BeJeff Scroggins & ColoradoTraditional Bluegrass
*NEW*42-Murder of CrowsGreensky BluegrassContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*43-What You NeedGreensky BluegrassContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*44-Somewhere in BetweenThe Infamous StringdustersContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*45-Down Where the Drunkards RollMile TwelveContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*46-Journey's EndLarry Stephenson BandTraditional Bluegrass
47-Pretty, Dark Hearted Emma BrownDale Ann BradleyContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*48-Sweet Little Miss Blue EyesLarry Stephenson BandTraditional Bluegrass
*NEW*49-I Was Bluegrass (When Bluegrass Wasn't Cool)Larry Stephenson BandTraditional Bluegrass

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