The Roots Music Report's
Top Pop Rock Song Chart
for the Year of 2019

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Rank Song Title Band/Artist Name
1Listen UpNicole Atkins
2Raise VibrationLenny Kravitz
3We Can Get It All TogetherLenny Kravitz
4The Sky is FallingThe Ides of March
5The Great UnknownNic Swales
6When Love Comes to TownU2
7Outlive MeThe Smoking Flowers
8All Right, YeahJuliana Hatfield
9Bad HabitsGospelbeacH
10Do It to MusicJuliana Hatfield
11RestlessMegan Burtt
12I'm So HighGospelbeacH
14Start Right HereJennifer O'Connor
15Angel of HarlemU2
16Best to YouBlood Orange
17Staying inJuliana Hatfield
18Broken DollJuliana Hatfield
19Let It MeltDiesel Park West

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