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Written by Robert Silverstein
August 5, 2020 - 4:09pm EDT
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The music released by prog-rock legends YES during the late 1990’s remains a great sonic revelation for its time. Of course, Chris Squire has moved on to his afterlife but his YES bandmate from that vital era of music history, Billy Sherwood is still involved with YES circa 2020, while maintaining his status as one of the top producers in the 21st-century world of rock music. A good example of Billy’s ongoing productions is the latest album, entitled Giants from California-based band Days Between Stations. The CD packaging is first-rate and the music sounds equally inspired, while featuring group founders, Sepand Samzadeh (guitars) and Oscar Fuentes Bills (keys), along with a host of guest artists, including producer Sherwood as well as XTC co-founder Colin Moulding, who contributes songwriting to one of the album’s major highlights, an XTC-inspired poppy track called “Goes By Gravity”. Musically, think YES during their great Open Your Eyes period, filled with tricky time signatures, and prog-rock styles filled soaring lead vocals, bass and drums from Billy Sherwood, along with very Steve Howe-influenced guitar playing from Sepand as well as Wakeman-esque keys by Oscar. The first DBS album was all instrumental yet, modern-day prog-rock fans will surely want to hear this adventurous third album from contemporary prog-rockers Days Between Stations.