Album Review of
Sail Away

Written by Robert Silverstein
September 8, 2020 - 3:27pm EDT
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Moody and atmospheric, Vancouver, Canada based The Wind Whistles break new ground for modern rock with their album Sail Away. The band recorded several albums in that memorable 2006 to 2010 period. They broke up because of the car crash deaths of three of the members and then they were gone but now ten years after, they’re back in 2020 with a highly charged sound rebound that features the music of founding members Tom Prilesky (vocals, guitar) and Liza Moser (vocals, bass) and both get support from a range of their musical friends. Although there are rock influences and even a look back to the wall-of-sound 1990s shoegaze sound, the overall album is quite intriguing. Someone described it as modern-day electric-folk but to these ears, The Wind Whistles sounds like a long lost psychedelic alt-rock classic. The guitars are superbly recorded and the whole thing sounds highly orchestrated while the vocals and other instruments are well recorded and mixed. The CD booklet features lyrics and the artwork is wonderful.