Album Review of
The Texicana Mamas

Written by Joe Ross
September 11, 2020 - 4:04pm EDT
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Formed in 2018, The Texicana Mamas (Tish Hinojosa, Stephanie Urbina Jones, Patricia Vonne) sing tenderly, in Spanish and English, about friends, family, struggles, hope, love and anguish. The three singer/songwriters grew up in the San Antonio area, and their promising debut album offers illuminating songs of life on both sides of the Rio Grande. Their interpretive musical impressions cover many moods. While some songs have somber moments, others offer an upsurge of melodic, joyous celebration. Their Tex-Mex Americana music is arranged with the impressively virtuosic assistance of accomplished musicians on strings, piano and percussion, along with some accordion and trumpet on the more up-tempo numbers. The lively “Amigas de Corazon” (“Girlfriends of the Heart”) has guest appearances of Grammy award-winning Mexican-American musicians Flaco Jimenez (accordion) and Max Baca (bajo sexton). The soothing calm of a poignant ballad “Esperanza” (“Hope”) or introspective “The Life” contrast with the lovely, lilting quality of tunes like “Cocina de Amor” and “Cancion del Mariachi.”  Noteworthy songwriting emphasizes topical themes for the head, heart and soul as they sing about family (“Abundancia”), struggles (“American Dream”), cooperation and compromise (“Amor Sin Fronteras”). With this album, The Texicana Mamas convey big statements about their traditional roots, yearnings for a better life, and pursuit of dreams.   (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)