Album Review of
Hey, Oaxaca

Written by Robert Silverstein
October 7, 2020 - 5:00pm EDT
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There is plenty of cool jug band music meets alt-country style folk-rock sounds on Hey, Oaxaca the third release from Boston-based musos Sado-Domestics. With 12 original tracks, clocking in at just over 41 minutes, their Hey, Oaxaca album shines a light on the musical team of Chris Gleason (vocals, guitars, banjo, mellotron, percussion) and Lucy Martinez (vocals, rhythm guitar, kalimba). There’s an earthy, upbeat, low-fi vibe inside the Sado-Domestics sound, and some of it rocks harder than other tracks. Both Chris and Lucy have fine singing voices and to top off their low-key, yet totally enjoyable album, and they are joined by a number of musicians including Bruce Bartone (keys, electric guitars), a pair of fine drummers, and a range of other players. The CD is neatly packaged, with artwork that quite effectively enhances the image of the band. This album won’t blow you away with heavy jamming and hard rock sounds, but still the Sado-Domestics' skillful musicianship readily makes Hey, Oaxaca a fun-filled experience.