Album Review of
Mists of Time

Written by Robert Silverstein
December 12, 2020 - 3:49pm EST
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With its 12 tracks and sublime musical moods, Mists Of Time is the optimum introduction to the music of New York based composer and recording artist Andrew Colyer. Ostensibly New Age instrumental music played on grand piano with light electronica backing, Mists Of Time is correctly subtitled as Solo Piano And Ambient Soundscapes. Clear as a bell and recorded with as much piano dynamism as possible, Mists Of Time was inspired by a number of artists including Brian Eno, although there’s nothing obscure about Colyer’s music on Mists Of Time. There's as much improvisation as composed music with no shortage of excellent musical ideas here, while Andrew never fails to instill his imprint on this CD. Inspired by those famous Windham Hill album covers, the Mists Of Time CD cover art may be generic but there’s nothing pretentious or contrived here. Andrew Colyer’s Mists Of Time is a masterpiece of authentic sounding piano and light synth keyboard magic.