Album Review of
Chicago - Buenos Aires Connections, Vol. 2

Written by Joe Ross
December 22, 2020 - 11:50pm EST
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Originally from Buenos Aires where she received a music education specializing in Argentine tango and folk music, flutist/artist/educator Carla Campopiano relocated to Chicago in 2013. Her connections to both locations have led to many music projects, including this album with fresh takes on songs from celebrated Latin American composers such as Astor Piazzolla, Gustavo Leguizamon and Julian Plaza. We hear various kinds of music for dances best described at milonga portena, zamba, tango, vals or nocturna. Campopiano’s arrangements are infused with the flutist’s breezy personality, jazzy creativity and interpretive twists. Percussionist Gustavo Cortiñas also contributed to the aesthetic vison built around sound colorings tinted with emotion and feeling. The album is dedicated to the late Argentine singer Alba Guerra who’s featured on two tracks, “Vieja Viola” and “La Pomena.” Guitarist Gabriel Datcu, guitarist Zac Selissen and bassist Kitt Lyles each appear on a few tracks. Campopiano’s self-penned “Lluvia” has a peppy, rhythmic quality in its sparse offering of just flute and percussion. This album is an expressive one that celebrates an authentic type of Argentinian roots music, a product of the country’s urban melting pot. Although the 8-song set is over all too quickly, the music’s magnetism draws you in due to the passion, sentiment and nostalgia it so splendidly conveys. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)