Album Review of
Upside Down

Written by Robert Silverstein
March 20, 2021 - 12:00am EDT
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An intriguing album of modern / avant-garde jazz from Italy, Upside Down is the 2019 album by Claudio Scolari Project. Filled with an exciting mix of spontaneous instrumental sounds, the album features the music of drumming ace Claudio Scolari and keyboardist Daniele Cavalca. Swinging instrumentals, written and recorded in a completely different way than most mainstream jazz, the ten-track Upside Down also features vital contributions from Simone Scolari (trumpet) and Michele Cavalca (bass). Some of the music here, especially Daniele’s piano and synth style, is reminiscent of piano genius Mike Garson, with echoes of Aladdin Sane running through my mind. That staccato style of punctuated, precision jazz makes for a most intriguing spin that bears musical fruit after several spins. Claudio’s drumming is also reminiscent of Bill Bruford’s style, although the music here is rooted in avant-garde music, at least compared to jazz-rock fusion. The fourth album by CSP, Upside Down has been described by the artist as being a revolutionary album that was recorded live in one shot. With its unique approach to modern instrumental music, Upside Down brings a fresh sonic approach to 21st century Euro jazz.