Album Review of
Gethenian Suite

Written by Robert Silverstein
March 23, 2021 - 5:19pm EDT
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In that special place where jazz and classical music come together as one is where you will find Swedish composer / keyboardist Erik Dahl. Released in 2020 by The Erik Dahl Ensemble, the 13-track, 61 minute Gethenian Suite takes the listener on a most incredible sonic journey that sounds inspired by new form of modern era Gothic Chamber music. Gethenian Suite is also influenced by melodic Swedish film soundtracks yet its core is very much centered around avant-garde classical music. Inspired by science fiction writer Ursula Le Guin, Gethenian Suite features a number of musicians backing Erik’s piano and electronics, including Anna Cochrane (viola / violin), Andreas Thurfjell (sax), Anna Malmström (clarinet) as well as Tove Brandt (double bass) and William Soovik (drums, percussion). Sweden has a long history of merging avant-garde music in the context of rock, jazz as well as classical. For a good example of Erik’s interesting sonic merger, give a listen to track 10, the 11-minute “The Ice”, which combines the three genres with ease. With the release of Gethenian Suite, Erik Dahl has mapped out a most intriguing musical terrain that is well worth exploring.