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Written by Duane Verh
April 18, 2021 - 5:41pm EDT
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Seasoned guitarist Clarence Spady lays out his blues, soul and gospel bona fides convincingly here, track after track. His rough-hewn vocal is a made-in-Memphis match for the soulful set opener, “If My Life Was A Book”.  The following number, “Good Conversation” smacks of equal vintage style- the “message song” birthed in 70's soul and country.  Mr. Spady’s lyrics are consistently strong, standouts include “K-Man”, “Addiction Game” and the title track. The standard “Down Home Blues” is mastefully revitalized on this set with a slowed-up tempo and dash of acoustic guitar.  Speaking of the axe, the extended instrumental “Jones Falls Expressway” provides an exhilarating change-of-pace.